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Stop Property Damage In Its Tracks!!!!

Learn how with this FREE Risk Assesment 

Most people have had to deal with property damage of some sort.  We can help prevent the damage before it even happens.

Schedule your FREE Risk Assessment to understand how you can prevent 

Water leaks and water intrusion damage

Loss of heat causing frozen pipes damage

Loss of cooling causing high temperatures damage

And more...

What Our Systems Prevent...
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THE AWSAM SYSTEM monitors your building or all your buildings for you automatically 24/7 for the most common causes of property damage which are:

  • Water leaks, floods, or water intrusion

  • Low and high temperatures from freezing pipes or the possibility of mold to even HVAC loss

  • High and Low Humidity for HVAC Loss or operation failures to prevent mold

  • Security door intrusion and copper theft

  • The power loss of a circuit to a whole building

  • Managing the entire water system to prevent water damage from plumbing leaks

It is CRITICAL to know when there is a risk or potential property damage happening in all buildings to mitigate the costs of operation and upkeep and ensure the building is kept operating.
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How Would You Rate Your Buildings Risk?
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