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It has been said that in the future the similarity between technology and magic is both are invisible to the user. That time is now when it comes to preventing damage in your business or home,  or across your entire property portfolio. The AWSAM system operates 24/7 in the background and alerts the appropriate personnel when there is a potential damage incident. In the development of the system we’ve always kept in mind how to create meaningful value for our clients and with a full suite of features that matter the most and a system that is easily deployable. This system hits that mark.

Vital Command

Sensors monitor for the most common causes of damage throughout a property, if an incident occurs they notify the Control Panel. The Control Panel notifies users of the incident. The control panel can notify service and response companies to repair the problem.  For a plumbing event, it can shut off water to the area of concern to thwart water-related damage.

Vital Command

Users receive notifications of the incident type and exact location so they can deploy the right service team member to resolve the incident.  It can be water leaks, HVAC problems, power loss, frozen pipes, or even security issues.  If necessary, a Valve Controller can automatically turn off the water to the affected zone or the user or property manager can choose to turn it off or on from their phone.

Vital Command

Commercial and residential property owners save money on property damages, deductibles, insurances premiums, lost revenue, building devaluation, and much more. Many have also saved on labor costs from continually have to send service to regular areas of concern.


Vital Command

AWSAM Sensors are the eyes and ears of the AWSAM system and with 4 different sensor configurations, we have your building covered for the major causes of property damage. Our sensors have the longest wireless range on the market and can sense water, temperature, and humidity to ensure protection from mechanical failure, frozen pipes, water intrusion, mold from humidity, and more. For hard to reach areas such as risers, grey water drains, behind jacuzzis or just about any area you're concerned.

Vital Command

The AWSAM control panel is the brain of the system.  The intelligence and business logic built into the AWSAM Control Panel it will know what to do according to your unique needs you require.  Even in the event of a power outage and loss of cellular connectivity, the control panel continues operation. With the ability to manage up to 256 different devices per control panel you can rest assured that your home or building will be covered and protected. 

Vital Command

The AWSAM Water Valve Controller is the critical element in the system to ensure your home or building is water damage free.  It is 100% Wireless and can operate for 2 years on battery only or AC Power with battery back up.  This is a big convenience and reliability factor. Upon notification of a water alert from the plumbing system, or freezing incident,  the AWSAM Water Valve Controller turns off the water to the zone to prevent any further damage. It performs its own self-maintenance, it can be managed remotely or manually.  Multiple AWSAM Water valve controllers can be installed in high rises, condos and commercial buildings to automate and shut off the right water system at the right time.  It has enough torque to handle most commercial and residential applications.

Vital Command

Your home, building, or entire property portfolio can be controlled from the palm of your hand. The AWSAM Cloud mobile and web applications manage everything for you in one place.  You receive notifications of potential property damage incidents as well at the actions the system took to address the issues. Beyond notifications, you can remotely turn on/ off your water, manage temperature and humidity sensing ranges, enable/ disable the auto-shutoff feature, and much more. Because our system runs on a cellular network and NOT WiFi, it is more secure and reliable even during a power loss.  The AWSAM Overwatch in the AWSAM Cloud enables complete customization and management of multiple systems or locations anywhere in the world.  Think of it as your own virtual monitoring center for all your properties.

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